May 20, 2014

3. Pivotals not puns

Welcome to 5 minute masterclass no. 3. Pivotals not puns.   I have adopted the word Pivotals as a means of distinguishing them from puns. They are words that exploit similar duality of meaning,  though, unlike puns, they are not necessarily jokey or used for their own sake – merely a ‘tricksy’ use of language…

May 10, 2014

2. The Tiny Voice

The first D&AD workshop I attended was at Y&R in the 90s. There was a placement on offer for the best response to the brief. I knew very little about advertising. I followed my instincts and went to the library. Remember those? I found a book on all kinds of lighting and lightbulbs that had different…

May 1, 2014

1. The incomplete circle.

Welcome to the first blog in this 5 minute masterclass series Thanks for dropping by. As a guitarist I’d compare these micro-lessons in creativity with trading licks. The communications version of sharing the introductory runs in Chuck Berry’s, Johnnie B. Goode. Or some of Django Rheinhardt’s great hot club vamps. The really good stuff everyone should have in…