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  • It turns out video didn't kill the radio star

    And niether did digital

Pleased to meet you

Highly awarded writer,  creative director and brand consultant , James Sinclair, welcomes visitors and give his overview of the business with a historical and current perspective. What’s changed and where we seem to be going in communications in general and how to best prepare your brand and brand communications for what’s ahead.


James Sinclair, Creative Director & Brand Equity Consultant.

One of London’s most highly awarded writers and creative directors, James brings a wealth of experience of some of the world’s great agencies and brands applied across all channels – analogue, digital and experiential.

Notable work has included his ’Keep Walking’ campaign for Johnnie Walker whiskey, which boosted global sales by 12% in the first 3 months of breaking and went on to gain a major share of all principal markets catapulting the brand to number one in the world. The campaign continues to be a showpiece account for BBH 10 years after its creation. The full case study is explored in advertising works volume 17.

His Double Life commercial for Sony Playstation helped transform the gaming market, taking the genre from boy’s bedrooms to the masses. 

This commercial has won a place in the Clio’s Hall of Fame. 

James is an experienced brand consultant and advocate of that most powerful business currency, ‘goodwill’.

James summarises,

“I have always felt privileged to be taken into a client’s (or agency’s) trust to help realise their ambitions for the brands in their charge.

“Even with the proliferation of media on offer there are certain immutable tenets that hold true. They continue to sustain my approach that, proven under fire, essentially boils down to the following….”

OVERALL OBJECTIVE:   To gain maximum impact for minimum spend.

EXECUTIONAL CRITERIA:  To ‘attract, engage, and reward ’.

EMOTIONAL AMBITION:  To capture the imagination on behalf of a brand in order to gain goodwill with customers and keep them coming back for more.

Thanks for dropping by.

You’d have thought 20+ years of puzzling out how to ignite business propositions across an ever increasing breadth of communications media might have dampened my enthusiasm for the task.

On the contrary, it seems I can’t get enough of the mental gymnastics.

If anything I’ve never been more fired up by the industry’s state of play.

These are tremendously exciting times.

The spirit of entrepreneurial freedom and experimentation reminds me of the positive side of the punk years when anything with the energy and excitement of the new was acceptable.

In fact, it was a prerequisite to be different from anything that had gone before. And the zeitgeist spread from music to the breadth of art and politics.

The commemorative t-shirt could have read, “Welcome to the meritocracy – come and have a go if you think you’re inventive enough”.

It’s time to dig out that shirt again – it’s back in fashion.

Today the palate is business, technology and entertainment.

You can build brands in your bedroom that, if they capture the imagination, can literally conquer the world (in their field).

No old school tie or trust fund required.

If people like it it flies.

And the best bit, I get to help some of these exciting emerging brands and properties find their feet.

Or indeed help established brands find them again and put a 21st century spring in their step.

Comms has gotten fun again.

It turns out video didn’t kill the radio star and neither did digital.

Radio is one of the mediums most benefitting from social media by complementing their broadcasting activity.

The same is true of cinema.

Instead of heralding its demise, video merely forced a transformation that has seen a rejuvenation of the film industry as it refined its positioning and reinvented itself. Digital media has taken things a step further.

In the same way, digital hasn’t killed traditional advertising media, but rather helped further focus its employment as a contributor to a multi-platform story telling that can now include all manner of additional content and interactive elements to broaden and deepen the brand experience.

A win win for brands and customers alike.

For brands, there’s a infinitely extendable sales window and dialogue with customers – who benefit from an enhanced and enriched overall brand experience as well as offering up all sorts of extra content should the customer want it.

In other words we are all starting to really ‘get’ integration – on both sides of the screen.

Not just we purveyors of the dark arts but the dear old consumer has gone multi-channel.

They are texting, publishing, broadcasting and narrowcasting for themselves – and all while watching TV or the cinema or listening to the radio, or shopping,or travelling and so on.

Now what self-respecting old punk ad-man wouldn’t be excited by that lot?

I look forward to the opportunity to bring that same enthusiasm and experience in support of a project for you.

Thanks for your interest,

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James Sinclair (founder)


Let’s talk about your brand.