Story Telling, Copy & Dialogue

Sometimes, when the planets align, the words fall on to the page as if they were meant to be.


When it comes to creating copy – putting pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard to tell stories on behalf of a business and brand – I am often genuinely surprised by the result. Let me, with great humility, say, that when you get it right; when you’ve thrown all your tidbits and insight, facts and figures, questions and contradictions, into the cauldron, what issues forth onto the page can have an energy all of its own. A living breathing slice of life. If on the other hand, that energy isn’t there, you know you need more ingredients or time to find the vibe. Here are some of the times when the words flowed. That’s not to say the outpouring wasn’t followed with a little spit and polish. But sometimes, when the planets align, the words flow just as they were meant to be. That’s the sweet spot that brings you back, time and again, to face down the glare of the blank page.