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  • The challenge of story telling is to make the familiar unexpected.

    The challenge of print is to do it in a single frame.

Pictures and Words

Pictures and words conspire.


For me print was the best training ground for learning to distil your most powerful story angle into a single frame – and will remain relevant as long as our audience is time poor. Which I can’t see changing any time soon.

The same lessons that apply to single frame comms apply in any media. Great posters can always be expanded in to TV or online ads – but not the other way round.

I have had the priviledge to work for and along side some of the best strategic and conceptual creative directors in the world (both writers and art directors). Those noted for their print work include, John Hegarty, Mark Reddy, John O’Donnell, Paul Leeves, Dave Dye, Paul Belford and Nigel Roberts.

Their influence has had a lasting effect in creating simple powerful, differentiated brand stories.

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