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June 25, 2014

5. One for the writers. It’s all about ‘you’.

Being a bridge between product (not client) and customer should really have been blog one. It’s certainly copywriting 1.01. And the foundation upon which that bridge is built? Why it’s ‘you’ of course’.   Opinion is divided on the sweetest sounding words in the English language. Some say ‘cellar door’. Others, ‘arabesque’. Just to reassure you that it hasn’t gone unnoticed…

May 1, 2014

1. The incomplete circle.

Welcome to the first blog in this 5 minute masterclass series Thanks for dropping by. As a guitarist I’d compare these micro-lessons in creativity with trading licks. The communications version of sharing the introductory runs in Chuck Berry’s, Johnnie B. Goode. Or some of Django Rheinhardt’s great hot club vamps. The really good stuff everyone should have in…